5 Keys To Consider While Determining Your VoIP Wholesale Provider

Today, employees everywhere prefer to conduct their business communication through digital spaces like social media and live chat platforms. Despite the trend, communication through the phone has not become obsolete. And most companies today are switching to Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP for their business communication needs.

Though, during the initiation of VoIP, consumers had reported quality concerns, the increased prevalence of the technology has facilitated elevated quality and satisfaction over the past few years. VoIP is a way of making phone calls without using a traditional analogue phone line and, as the name may suggests, it’s the system of making a phone call over the Internet rather than using a landline or mobile network.

With so many VoIP providers in the market and all of them claiming to have a state-of-the-art service, it can be daunting for an enterprise to choose whilst determining their requisites from the VoIP system.

5 Keys to Determine your VoIP Wholesale Provider:

Business voice systems with poor call quality or unavailability can injure your reputation among prospects and customers. Considering these 5 keys will help you to find the right VoIP wholesale provider for your organization.

Know your VoIP needs

The foremost question that you must ask yourself before looking for the right VoIP service provider of your organization is what you exactly want to get out of your communication technology. The VoIP providers offer a range of different features and services, so after you know what you want, you can limit down the options according to how closely a provider can meet your needs. During this process, apart from the standard features offered by the most VoIP wholesale companies, ascertain what additional features there are on offer which might be advantageous for your organization.

Provision of Redundancy

VoIP is a very dependable technology, but it is reliable until your VoIP wholesale provider faces connectivity issues. There can be instances where your organization may suffer from loss of connectivity which can bring business phone communications to a halt. Situations like these can be averted if the VoIP is secured with redundancy. Thus, while interviewing the prospective VoIP wholesale providers confirm that they offer built-in redundancy.

Quality of Service (QoS) and Bandwidth

The VoIP at your organization is highly sensitive to the bandwidth and the quality of your internet connection. You may experience call delays and poor-quality calls if the internet connectivity is insufficient. Also, it is crucial to evaluate your bandwidth requirement to maintain high-quality voice calling. Thus, while choosing the right provider find the one that can offer access to real-time statistical data about your internet usage.

Technical Support and Services Availability

Despite high quality services from the VoIP provider, your organization may come across unprecedented situations at inappropriate hours. It is essential to find out through references that the vendor will be available to resolve any issue and assure smooth functioning of your communication systems.

Acquire References and Authenticate

As a potential VoIP customer, you must not shy away from asking the providers for references or testimonials of their services. Before taking the decision, it is imperative to get in touch with a few clients of the shortlisted VoIP providers and verify their experience with the services they have availed.

According to a research by Grand View Research, the global mobile VoIP market size, which was valued at USD 27.5 billion in 2015, will cross USD 140 billion by 2024 due to low data rates, inexpensive calling prices, and the robust network infrastructure.


In the contemporary scenario, VoIP is clearly taking over the telephone market as its penetration into services and industries is bourgeoning every month.

Why Businesses should switch to VoIP technology

Businesses believe that VoIP wholesale providers are fulfilling most of the primary communication needs companies require from telephone systems.

Inexpensive Communication:

The biggest benefit of calls through Voice over Internet Protocol is that they are cheaper than normal phone lines. In VoIP calls, all communication data is turned into packets and sent over the IP network instead of telephone lines.

Streamlined Client Interaction:

Businesses have started replacing voicemails with the help of VoIP services. It is now possible to assure that no call goes unanswered. The workforce can thus choose where the calls ring and how. For instance, one might select the first few rings to be forwarded to the office; if unanswered, it gets transferred to a second or third device- a mobile phone or laptop.

Virtual Numbers:

Businesses are no more restricted to regions; they now operate globally. With VoIP services, businesses can have a virtual number that enables them to have a local number anywhere in the world.  For instance, if a business has a large market in the US, it can get a local US number with the area code of choice whilst staying in London.

With enterprises, SMBs, and startups across the globe switching to VoIP services, providers are battling each other through highly competitive prices and innovation. BridgeVoice is a global leader in retail and wholesale VoIP termination services. Its Automated Carrier Platform offers wholesale VoIP service providers and carriers the ability to buy, sell and trade a wide range of high-end VoIP termination services and routes. In this highly competitive market, BridgeVoice’s  switching innovation, integrated business and policy management features aids wholesale VoIP service providers and carriers in amplifying customer satisfaction with optimization of investment and operational cost.

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