Our Automated Carrier Platform allows wholesale VoIP service providers and carriers to do business from anywhere in the world with Global Operators in our Platinum package. The platform helps them CONNECT, BID, (buy or sell) and offer high-end VoIP termination services to their customers. This wholesale VoIP & routes trading platform helps them generate new revenue opportunities in a stable and secure environment across a huge range of telecoms services.


The members at BridgeVoice are allocated with a client account which gives them access to a huge community of members and enables them to trade anonymously via the web-based portal. The platform’s switching innovation, and integrated business & policy management features provide wholesale VoIP service providers and carriers with an opportunity to increase customer satisfaction with optimization of investment and operational cost.


Intelligent & Fully Optimized Business Process

Free Set-up in just 10 Minutes

Premium Quality - Guaranteed CLI

Multilingual Real-time Billing and Transparent Reporting

99.5% Uptime with Fully Redundant Infrastructure

Dedicated Account Manager with 24/7/365 Helpdesk


FAX - CLI - Roaming enabled routes, most suitable for MNO's & Incumbent's Subscriber base traffic.

- Product for Retail Clients

- Supporting CLI, DTMF, FAX & Roaming


A blend of premium Routes at Economical Price.

- Blend of Quality Routes at competitive rates

- Quality Centric Product



A pure Wholesale A-Z Product with the focus of providing most competitive rates in Market.

- Rate Centric Product

- Most competitive rates in market


Direct access to operator capacity.

- Carrier's Choice Product

- Choose your own Operator from our Set of Direct Operators Network


Customer Financing (For Insured Customers)
Ease of Selecting Destination with Network Transparency
Guaranteed Discounts for Volume Deals
Committed QoS through IPX Quality Transportation
Choose Your Operator Network
Create Your Own Product


Vendor Financing
Committed Traffic Aggregation
Guaranteed Profits for Quality and Capacity Commitments
Capacity Bidding Opportunity
Zero Bad Debts
Access to Direct Retail Traffic