5 Warning Signs Your PBX Phone System is Outdated

If a business can conduct basic functionality and deliver decent customer service, justifying the need for upgrade or replacement of the business phone system can be difficult. However, businesses must realize that we live in a world where technology is evolving at a very fast pace. And, delaying updates or replacements especially in communication systems can soon make day-to-day workflow tedious and can be costly.

To improve, expand and keep a business up to date, it is crucial to realize the role phone systems play in facilitating seamless communication. Many business owners/managers do not realize the importance of advanced voice services. A phone system that does not provide the latest functionality or modern feature sets, can result in the loss of new business possibly due to missed or mishandled inbound calls or lack of efficient communication processes like the absence of call routing functionality provided by interactive voice control, and intelligent call rules.

5 Overlooked Signs Your Business Needs Wholesale VoIP Services

It can be challenging for a business to realize that they are losing a huge chunk of potential business due to an outdated phone system while conducting everyday activities. Here are a few signs you can look for that indicate it is time to update your system.

There is a Need for Security of Enterprise Data

With data becoming crucial in conducting any business, more and more enterprises are falling prey to cyber attackers who recognize that they possess something worth stealing. This may include anything from payroll to the account information of enterprises’ customers. Hackers can exploit payroll information to conduct all sorts of identity and credit fraud schemes while information of enterprises’ customers can be misused to gain access to other accounts across the web.

Any technology that has been used for a long time can have many vulnerabilities, while a modern business telephone system like advanced voice services can integrate with your network security plan to help you protect the enterprise data big or small on the cloud.

Need to Simplify Remote Working for Employees

With the pandemic, remote employees have become a common part of the business landscape. This shift was only possible due to cloud-based tools in most businesses across the globe. Cloud-based tools guarantee that no matter how far an employee is located from the office, he/she can access everything necessary to get the work done. Traditional phone systems only allow you to receive and make calls, they do not support cloud integration. With the VoIP technology, anyone from the enterprise can have access to all the phone numbers, and any information they possess at the office.

Enterprise is Facing High IT Costs

One of the biggest hidden costs of still using an outdated phone system are IT costs that due to licensing, proprietary hardware, and maintenance concerns.

Many businesses do not take into account the potential savings that can be gained by upgrading their phone system. The latest cloud-based technology is much easier to maintain and cuts down extra costs in the long run. Alongside, business owners can enjoy the productivity boosts from the advancements of upgrading business telephone systems to VoIP.

Phone System has Run Out of Capacity

Most traditional phone systems have a limited capacity of supporting a number of devices, that include phone lines and fax machines. If your enterprise is at full capacity or close to reaching it, you are likely to face the need to purchase additional ports to accommodate more lines. This is the time a business must evaluate whether investing in an outdated technology is the right choice. If you foresee sustained growth in the coming years, VoIP is much easier to scale up when needed.

Enterprise is Planning to Add a New Call Centre

Adding a call center is another functionality that has become very simple and quick with VoIP technology; however, it can be significantly expensive for companies working with traditional phone system vendors. If the business is planning to add employees to customer service and needs enhancements in the automated phone system attendant features, switching to VoIP is a reliable option.

Choose VoIP for Your Business Communication Needs

Business owners often think that their telephone system would not benefit exceptionally by migrating to VoIP. In the end, it provides the same services such as voice, fax, and voicemail that can be availed easily from traditional phones for decades. They fail to realize that the new technology can boost business productivity and offer overlooked benefits like protection against hackers and the potential scalability with a cloud-based solution. 

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