6 VoIP Technology Features Transforming Small Businesses

Businesses across the globe are highly dependent on telecommunications to connect with their clients or partners to make sales, irrespective of size of the enterprise, its sector, or offering. Despite the advancements in social media, important business communications to date take place through telephony. However, the landline systems have not witnessed major transformation since their inception in the 19th century. Traditional telephony is now gradually being replaced with Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in businesses due to its numerous benefits.

According to Technavio the global VoIP market is expected to grow at a CAGR of almost 10% during the forecast period of 2017-2021. VoIP lets users make and receive calls using a broadband internet connection instead of a regular phone line. However, VoIP technology has been surrounded by a huge misconception that this phone system is only ideal for big businesses. In reality, VoIP allows SMBs to compete with bigger organizations in the market without making a dent in their pockets.

6 Key Features of VoIP that can Transform SMBs

An inbound VoIP service allows small businesses to not only cut costs on phone calls but is also useful in terms of functionality, flexibility, mobility, and reliability. One of the major alterations that VoIP is making in the phone systems is that it does not require any installations like conventional phone lines for each separate connection. Improved quality of communication whilst reducing the overall cost is something that small businesses must exploit through the latest VoIP technology. Let us look at the 6 features of VoIP technology that can transform small businesses.

1. Scalability and Flexibility

VoIP technology provides scalability and flexibility which gives small businesses the potential to grow. Traditional telephony requires more financial investment, equipment, licenses, taxes, and other dedicated infrastructure. VoIP telephony, on the other hand, is adjustable and expands along with the business. A VoIP phone system does not require the physical infrastructure to grow the business as it is hosted in the cloud.

2. Higher Security

At a low-cost, SMBs can get better security through VoIP phone systems as compared to a traditional telephone connection. VoIP technology provides standardized encryption protocols, which makes business calls and data more secured.

3. Affordable Local and International Calls

VoIP technology allows small businesses to collaborate with global suppliers, branches, and buyers without fretting about the high international calling prices. For smooth functioning, communication is crucial. However, a global business can get exorbitant when connected through a traditional phone line. Since VoIP phone connects calls through the internet, there are no additional international or local phone charges.

4. Proffering Innovative Services

VoIP technology offers a futuristic business communication system to the SMBs. With low cost, small businesses can utilize the new technology that is used by major telephone service providers.

VoIP systems can integrate conference and video calling without a glitch, providing the business with more professional communication tools. For sales people, face-to-face contact is crucial, as it enables bidders for business to establish trust more quickly than they can through letters, emails, or even voice calls.

5. Access to Automated Assistance

With VoIP, small businesses can answer simple frequently asked questions by programming them in the system to serve customer calls in the after-office hours. This allows SMBs to communicate holiday opening hours, regular opening hours, and other important announcements, and thus provide the customers with optimal service round the clock.

6. Advanced features with no added cost

Many inbound VoIP service providers offer features like call recording, auto-assistant, voicemail to mail, call routing, video conferencing, music on hold, and many more at no extra cost as a part of the package. These advanced features facilitate small to medium-sized businesses in becoming more efficient and professional in the market and deliver excellent customer service.

Choosing the Right VoIP Provider

The global market of VoIP services is crowded with providers making the same promises of high-quality service. SMBs should look for VoIP service providers that offer complete VoIP package. BridgeVoice Pluto’s inbound VoIP service enables small businesses to build, customize, launch, and manage comprehensive VoIP solutions with ease. The VoIP solution provides several essential features that include voicemail, conference calling, automated greetings, and call logs, thus helping businesses save on high infrastructural costs.

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