6 Ways You Can Cut Operating Costs with DID Services

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Services involve offering a block of telephone numbers to directly call into the Private Branch Exchange (PBX) system of an organization. Unlike the traditional phone system, DID does not require the company to get a unique phone line for personal telephones on each of the workstations. The service is convenient and reliable, allowing businesses to be available to their customers always and facilitate effective communication between employees. It also offers the much-needed flexibility and several advanced calling features to keep you connected on the move.

The business benefits of using DID services over the traditional phone service are unavoidable. One of the most important advantages is the ability to get customized phone numbers of any country to maintain a local presence anywhere you want, regardless of your actual geographical location. It not only enhances internal communication but also streamlines and accelerates customer service. Not to mention, it ensures you never miss an important call from your customer or client again.

Cutting Overheads with DID Services

These business benefits perfectly complement the financial benefits of using the DID services. Switching to a DID service provider from a traditional phone system allows you to cut costs in multiple areas, thus increasing your revenues. Let’s look at the six ways in which DID services can help businesses cut operating costs.

1. Inexpensive International Calls

Businesses dealing with customers and clients around the world can end up spending a large amount of money on international calls. Making an international call over a PSTN network can be an expensive affair; however, the destination of the phone call is of no significance in the case of a VoIP-based DID phone system. Businesses dealing with international clients or those who have operations in multiple countries can highly reduce their international phone bills by opting for DID.

2. Free Internal Communication

As mentioned before, VoIP-based DID calls require an internet connection that is anyway a pre-requisite for all businesses today. It negates the requirement for phone lines by connecting all the employees over the internet, no matter their physical locations. The free internal calling feature not only helps companies to save hundreds of dollars a year but also offers instant access to co-workers, whether they are operating from a different country or working from home.

3. Free Add-on Features

Along with making local and international calls, DID services offer a plethora of other features that make your work-day easier, at no extra cost. Traditional PBX systems also offer features like call queuing, group ringing, and call transfer, among other things, but businesses are required to pay an additional amount for them. On the other hand, DID service providers offer features like caller ID, call forwarding and transfer, voicemail and voicemail IVR, call conferencing, ring groups, call recording, blacklist/whitelist, callback and callback hotlines, and much more for free.

4. No Specialized Equipment

DID services are accessible through your current mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. The only pre-requisite apart from the device is a stable internet connection, and you are good to go. Businesses are free to invest in advanced headsets, mobile phones, or speaker systems if they wish to, but the VoIP phone system does not require any equipment for functioning. They can thus make the most of the advanced features without digging deep into their pockets, an advantage for start-ups and SMEs on a tight budget.

5. Zero Maintenance/Upgrade Charges

Considering that the DID VoIP phone system operates over the cloud, it requires zero maintenance on your part. No specialized equipment means no need to pay an annual or monthly charge for sustaining the service. Moreover, the DID system also does not require you to enter a contract with the service provider or pay to upgrade the system, so you only pay for what you use. The service providers also offer all the security updates and new services without charging you for them.

6. All-in-one Solution

VoIP-based DID services can also help cut operating costs by negating the need for multiple applications as it is a comprehensive system loaded with a plethora of features. Besides making calls, the VoIP system is useful for making conference calls and group video calls as well as to facilitate instant messaging amongst the employees. Its auto attendant feature can help you waive the cost for a dedicated person to answer and forward calls. A single DID service is enough to take care of most of your communication needs.

The DID services or VoIP business phone systems can be the first step for a small business or start-up to cut costs while ensuring enhanced productivity for their employees. A significant advantage of choosing DID services is getting the value for money without compromising on the advanced communication and collaboration features. Companies can avoid signing up for multiple systems and applications to further reduce their operating costs without affecting efficiency.

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