Keeping it Simple: Reducing the Complexity of VoIP Termination Services

As VoIP becomes an increasingly popular choice for both business and personal communications, the wholesale market is growing more competitive and complex by the minute. For carriers, choosing the right partner for VoIP termination services is a critical decision that determines the overall success of their organization, affecting everything from profit margins to customer satisfaction.

While capacity and quality of termination services are among the chief considerations, service providers, and carriers now also face the dilemma of selecting the most advantageous pricing model to suit their business needs. While market competition has generated the opportunity for carriers to become more selective when choosing a termination services provider, the process has grown increasingly complex and time-consuming as the industry evolves.

There are several main pricing models for VoIP termination services, including fixed rate and arbitrage. For carriers that are looking for a flat rate that does not vary with usage, fixed rate pricing is an excellent solution. However, while this type of model provides total consistency, carriers that experience regular fluctuation in traffic may be better served with an arbitrage model that is more responsive to irregular call volumes. With access to a large network of termination services providers, carriers also have the option to request pricing based upon their unique needs creating a more personalized experience.

In order to ease the complexity of the termination services provider selection process, BridgeVoice has developed the Automated Carrier Platform. This innovative offering allows carriers to quickly and easily buy, sell and trade a wide range of high-end wholesale VoIP termination services and routes across a global network of operators, utilizing a fully-secure and easy-to-use online portal. With access to a worldwide network of suppliers, users can easily find and select providers that meet their individual capacity demands with guaranteed quality assurance at competitive pricing. In addition, the Automated Carrier Platform helps to streamline business processes with multilingual real-time billing, transparent reporting, guaranteed uptime and dedicated account management with 24/7/365 Help Desk support.

With assistance from BridgeVoice, the complex and overwhelming world of wholesale VoIP solutions becomes easier to navigate with direct access to providers and services right at your fingertips.