Realizing the Potential of Voice Solutions: Top 8 Advantages for Converting Leads

Voice Solution Provider

Voice solutions are crucial to accelerate business growth in small and established enterprises. Voice technology can be a means to maximize profitability if businesses invest in the right tools that can help increase revenue and reduce overhead costs.

The affordability of wholesale VoIP rates makes it a preferable option for diverse industry verticals, including information technology, financial services, manufacturing, logistics, contact centers, and more. Besides, businesses looking to expand globally can opt for enterprise voice solutions, business telephony solutions, and more that offer scalability and flexibility to business operations through features like intelligent routing and local prefixes.

A survey found that 68% of consumers called a business at some point in their purchasing journey in 2022, which is 7% more compared to 2021. Voice calls play a crucial role in converting leads because of customers’ increasing demand for personalized conversations without being placed on hold. Businesses can meet these demands by subscribing to voice solutions like click-to-call and call forwarding at cost-efficient, wholesale VoIP termination rates.

Let’s look at the voice solutions companies need at all stages of their growth and how you can leverage these voice communication tools to drive more business.

What are Different Voice Solutions?

 Businesses Need these solutions throughout Their Lifecycle

SIP Trunks

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is a VoIP technology that delivers uninterrupted telephone services and unified communications to customers. It provides connectivity between the IP PBX system and Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). It optimally sends and receives data packets over the internet for applications, such as voice calls, web conferencing, and desktop sharing.


Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunking is a VoIP technology that delivers uninterrupted telephone services and unified communications to customers. It provides connectivity between the IP PBX system and Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). It optimally sends and receives data packets over the internet for applications, such as voice calls, web conferencing, and desktop sharing.

Toll-free Phone Numbers

VoIP toll-free numbers feature a special area code. Callers are not charged for dialing these numbers, but companies can subsidize the cost of inbound calls using their providers’ services. It builds credibility, boosts customer recognition, and makes your business appear more legitimate and trustworthy.

Call Register Services 

Companies must promptly capture customers’ call details and leverage them to boost growth opportunities. Call register services or CRS is a solution equipped with a wide range of customizable features to help you instantly collect caller information, duration, and other diagnostic information to optimize operations on a real-time basis.

IVR and Voicemail 

Interactive Voice Response solution greets and acts on information it collects from callers. It can be used with multilevel menus and automatic call distribution for slashing wait times. Modern VoIP systems provide you with features, like voicemail to email, which delivers voicemail from callers to the recipient’s inbox.

Call Recording

The call recording feature helps businesses maintain accountability for verbal commitments. This feature provides a reliable means of storing the two-way audio of a phone conversation in the cloud.

Video Conference

Video conferencing has become a staple of modern business communications as companies prefer to deliver live presentations over the internet. VoIP technology allows high-quality video and screen sharing in real time.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding feature lets you direct incoming calls to any other phone number or device to support remote work set-up. It can come in handy when employees are working while traveling across borders, as they can benefit from wholesale VoIP termination rates instead of paying long-distance charges.


Click-to-call functionality uses a hyperlink to give consumers an easy way to contact a business or the desired department through a button on the website.

Voice Broadcasting

This solution allows businesses to send bulk automated voice calls to many people at once for alerts, offers, announcements, surveys, and more. Modern broadcasting solutions come with text-to-speech programming and message customization options.

8 Ways Voice Solutions Can Help Businesses Convert Prospects into Customers

1. Unlock New Sales Opportunities

Most visitors will likely contact a business if it offers a click-to-call widget on a website or search engine listings. VoIP solutions are essential for this widget to take on a role. The business can leverage VoIP’s advanced API or WebRTC click-to-call function to allow the visitor to call from the website. You could also leverage a toll-free number to attract more calls, creating more opportunities. This simple integration lets sales reps acquire greater chances to upsell consumers on the phone.

2. Shortened Service Interaction and Increased Satisfaction

Smart voice solutions are necessary to reduce churn because customers will probably hang up their calls if it takes too long to reach the right department. VoIP solutions, like call routing, call forwarding, and advanced IVR, make sure that a live operator always attends to the caller. VoIP’s smart and automated mechanisms can gather the history of customer interactions and their current input to route calls to the desired destination. Besides, features like voicemail to email and automated call-back options help shorten waiting times to zero.

3. Boost Productivity with Efficient Outbound Calling

Sales is a number game, implying that the more people you reach out to, the better the odds of acquiring prospects that convert into customers. You will need reliable and scalable voice tools to help your sales agents connect calls easily with no chance of misdial. Instead of manually dialing phone numbers, advanced VoIP phone systems offer click-to-call and hot-key dialing functionality to automate the tedious task of entering phone numbers. It increases the call efficiency for outbound sales as it takes only a few clicks to make outbound calls, no matter whether the number is stored in a website, document, or CRM software.

4. Invaluable Data and Reporting for Quality Assurance

Cloud-based voice solutions let you track and collect call details that help you identify and work on the areas of improvement. The call register services can provide you with reports to give you a detailed insight into the most important business and sales metrics. The advanced voice solutions enable you to track call sources, call volume, conversation duration, landing page performance, and first-time callers in real time. Businesses can leverage this data to measure performance and develop strategies to reinforce quality.

5. Reduced Missed Opportunities

Businesses across the globe lose sales worth billions of dollars due to missed calls. VoIP system bridges this gap by allowing you to make or receive extension calls on any device, anywhere, and at any time. When an employee is on the go or away from the office, customers can still reach them or the next available rep in the same extension group through automated rerouting and forwarding mechanisms.

6. Scale Business When Needed

DID numbers or virtual phone numbers allow businesses to scale their operations and campaigns as and when needed. Companies can purchase additional numbers to handle seasonal peaks in the call volume and remove those numbers at their convenience. VoIP can benefit businesses that want to expand their operations globally or are considering setting up an office in a foreign country to provide 24/7 customer support. For this, they must buy A to Z termination wholesale plans with required features like call forwarding and long-distance calls at competitive wholesale VoIP rates between the targeted countries.

7. Consolidate Team Collaboration

Modern unified communication solutions improve team collaboration for better business outcomes. It allows employees to interact in multiple ways instead of limiting their communications to one-to-one phone calls. Unified communication platforms merge conferencing, messaging, screen-sharing, and file-sharing technology in one place.

8. Appear More Professional

Virtual phone numbers with a familiar or well-known area code can help businesses expand the market virtually without huge overseas investments. You can achieve local presence by owning multiple numbers with any area code you want. Additionally, you can configure toll-free numbers for such regions to overcome the barriers of intercity, interstate, and inter-country expansion and reinforce brand identity.

Choose the Right Tools and Technology to Maximize Lead Conversion through Voice

Voice over Internet Protocol is the most popular and cutting-edge telephony system that provides premium voice solutions designed to address the specific needs of modern-day business communications. Apart from comparing services, features, and wholesale VoIP rates by different service providers, it would be best to thoroughly analyze your business operations to choose the best-suited voice solutions. You get new opportunities to map the optimum growth trajectory only when you find effective tools to facilitate your business objectives, like increased sales.

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