Top 6 Business Advantages of Using Wholesale Voice Termination Services

In the last decade, the number of channels of communication available to businesses across many industries has increased tremendously. However, the telephone is still the most frequently chosen tool. Thus, the call quality from start to end is as crucial as marking an appropriate impression of the business for clients and potential customers.

As per a report published on, the worldwide market for wholesale voice carriers is expected to reach $53.74 billion by 2027 from $23.17 billion in 2019 and the CAGR is expected to increase by an estimated 11.2% from 2020 to 2027. VoIP technology offers a variety of value-added solutions, advanced features, and outstanding functionalities that can make a business incredibly productive. Wholesale VoIP termination, a VoIP technology extension, enables the successful completion of voice calls in other countries at a substantially reduced cost.

Wholesale VoIP termination has slowly gained popularity in the market. It is becoming well-known among all VoIP providers due to its reliability. Let’s take a look at some of the important advantages of wholesale VoIP termination.

Benefits of Wholesale Voice Termination Services

Cost-effective: The fact that wholesale VoIP termination services are cost-effective is one of the key reasons for its popularity in the market. Since VoIP delivers voice communication through IP technology via the internet, there is no extra expense. Furthermore, the wholesale VoIP providers manage any additional costs incurred to maintain or configure the VoIP system as well as to set up additional lines.

Seamless Integration: Voice termination integrates seamlessly with all other communication systems, including fax, email, video conferencing, and messaging. The business becomes more effective by integrating all of these services into a single package.

Network Expansion: Another benefit of implementing wholesale VoIP termination services is the flexibility to expand the network, which immediately boosts communication mobility. The usage of conference call features by clients, or business associates who travel overseas and have a strong wish to stay connected with their consumers and colleagues is a great benefit of such network expansion.

Security and Reliability: When it comes to accessing cloud-based services, network security is a critical necessity. Reliable VoIP termination providers understand that their customers are concerned about data security, while it is in transit and at rest on the service's cloud servers.

Network security isn't merely a question of concern. For many businesses, data security regulations have become contractual requirements, and non-compliance can result in a loss of business. Voice call records may be required to be kept under government legislation for a certain timeframe.

Data storage security has become just as crucial as data transmission privacy for many businesses. Another issue is disaster recovery, and thus many businesses look for VoIP termination providers which provide safe backup services.

Enhanced Call Quality: VoIP technology ensures that calls are of high quality without any disturbances. Although VoIP call quality is usually rated far higher than that of PSTN-based solutions, there are other aspects that influence call quality and must be examined, like selecting a trusted VoIP service.

Fraud Mitigation: Every consumer expects to be billed solely for the services they have used, with no fraudulent or illegal billing. To avoid fraudulent activities, wholesale VoIP providers use IP authentication, prohibit high-cost calls, and implement customizable access restrictions. Most of them are the same ones that credit card firms employ to weed out fraud instances.

Choose the Most Appropriate Wholesale Voice Termination Services:

BridgeVoice is a leading retail and wholesale VoIP termination service provider. Its automated carrier platform, BridgeVoice Pluto, enables wholesale VoIP service providers and carriers to do business with operators across the globe.

BridgeVoice users are assigned a customer account to provide access to and trade within a large community of members through the web portal. The innovative platform switching, and integrated business and policy management features enable wholesale VoIP service providers and suppliers to boost customer satisfaction by optimizing investments and operating costs.

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