Unleashing Automated Business Operations with BridgeVoice Pluto

Owing to the fast technological advancement in the fields of Voice/SMS/Unified Communications services globally, BridgeVoice Pluto is a brain child of Bankai Group’s visionary Management Team. It aims to provide a smart automated platform for Carriers/Retailers/Enterprises to manage and grow the businesses with least human intervention. Pluto has synchronized its expertise in retail and wholesale VoIP termination with innovative technical acumen to develop an Interactive Trading platform for Voice and SMS services, setting up the roadmap towards a unified communications model.

This product will break the status quo and will change the conventional methods of current and upcoming business requirements by enabling automated or self-driven seamless services. Success of this model is dependent on factors like constant research or inclination to give rise to distinctive user experiences.

BridgeVoice Pluto is Bankai Group’s unique initiative to enhance and enrich the new business ecosystems by giving single-window access to global network of 105+ Tier1 Incumbents/Mobile Operators. It will act as an interconnection hub for all the operators, enabling connectivity in all parts of the world by allowing wholesale VoIP providers to engage in business with global operators, thereby generating stable revenue streams in unstable and unstructured Telecom ecosystems. Pluto is a give back to the customers’ requirement of infrastructure, quality, reliability through a single access business management tool providing Interconnect, Customer Onboarding, Trading, Operator Access covering wide range services on Voice, SMS and Unified Communications

Distinguishing attributes include paperless interconnect in 2 hours, access of service-wise rates online and swaying the rate economies to scale advantage. With the help of Bidding Process™ influenced by the stock exchange, the customers can participate in bidding for buying/selling inventories at their choice, across board with the Pluto Member Galaxy. Alongside, the quality control will be in place based on the traffic trends, quality fulfillment, market shift and other variable factors. The customers can also make/receive online payments or view/get balance notifications on a real-time basis.  

BridgeVoice Pluto is also thrilled to offer similar services on white label to our partners globally so they can conduct their existing business digitally and grow revenues by monetizing their untapped customers and upcoming opportunities.