BridgeVoice Pluto now offers an inbound VoIP service allowing a call to be terminated to a Direct Inward Dialing (i.e. DID) mapped to specific phone instead of going
through a menu or an extension. Our value added service enables SMBs, Enterprises, ISPs and ITSPs to build, customize, launch and manage
comprehensive VoIP solutions with ease. It offers a number of essential features including voicemail, conference calling, automated
greetings and call logs, thus reducing the investment costs for additional equipment.

BridgeVoice Pluto DID Service is seamlessly connected to multiple access number providers to increase the inventory of local numbers from
different countries, making it easier to reach local businesses. It also brings together a number of termination suppliers to ensure better
voice quality for different destinations at optimal cost.

By incorporating a user-friendly GUI, it lets the customers manage their DIDs through an intuitive web self-care portal. BridgeVoice Pluto DID
also helps in routing the DID phone numbers to receive inbound calls or forward calls to an alternate number.

The service includes a smart mobile application putting important features at your fingertips.








Connected to
multiple access
number providers &
termination suppliers

DID, customer and

Customer web
Self-care portal

Smart App for
Android & iOS

Reduces exposure to
fraud and disputes

investment costs
for expensive





    Extension and Department Management




    Voicemail & Voicemail IVR

    Incoming DID Management and charging


    Call Conference (3-way server-side call conferencing)

    Internal Calling and charging facility


    Ring Groups - Ring All/Round Robin

    A to Z Call Plans for International dialing


    Call Recording

    Caller ID Setting



    Call Forwarding & Transfer


    Callback and Callback Hotlines

Divider Line