BridgeVoice Inc. Becomes a Premium Member of TelecomsXChange

New York, June, 2020- BridgeVoice is elated to announce that it has joined TelecomsXChange (TCXC) as a premium member to offer access to a range of direct MNOs connectivity. The members will be able to meet their growing demand for voice, SMS and DIDs through TCXC’s graphical user interface or programmatically using application programming interface (API).

During this collaboration with TelecomsXChange, BridgeVoice will initially be offering the following services to be instantly available for members to interconnect and utilize with a click:

  • BVI Platinum: Routes bought from direct or Global Operators routing only for the best voice quality possible for non-price sensitive enterprises.
  • BVI Gold: Routes bought from global Operators & trusted Carriers with the combination of best rates and quality.
  • BVI Silver: Least-cost based routing concentrating on special destinations for CSPs focusing on lowest rates possible.
  • BVI ORTP:  Direct routes to in-country operators for 100% transparency of termination media IPs, media will flow directly between originator and in-country operator.

About TelecomXChange

TelecomXChange, also known as TCXC is a technology company that provides a cloud digital trading platform and the most advanced network for communication providers worldwide. TCXC is established on the founding principle that buyers and sellers should be connected directly, while having objective intelligence gathering and performance monitoring captured and published openly. Although every other platform keeps the buyer and seller at arm’s length, TCXC does not interfere, instead it encourages direct communication and support via TCXC direct messaging APIs and console. They also provide the tools for both parties to make the most informed and risk-free decisions, encouraging more carriers and service providers to trade over the marketplace.

About BridgeVoice Inc.

BridgeVoice, a global leader in offering retail and wholesale VoIP termination services, is an integral part of Bankai Group. Its Automated Carrier Platform BridgeVoce Pluto aims to facilitate trading and settlement of wholesale interconnect voice and SMS services. The platform enables carriers to access a worldwide network of suppliers and meet capacity demands with guaranteed quality assurance. BridgeVoice also proffers Direct Inward Dialing and an International, Toll-free Service number facility to guarantee that the businesses remain connected at all times.