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Press Release

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LIBTELCO Collaborates with BridgeVoice for International Voice Trading Business

New York, August 19, 2019: BridgeVoice Inc., a global leader in providing online voice trading services to telecom operators...

Carrier Community Recognises BridgeVoice Pluto as the Best Voice Service Innovator 2017

Kew Gardens, New York, July 14, 2017 ( - An emerging leader in the Telecom, Technology and Services sectors, Bankai Group’s automated Carrier Por...

BridgeVoice™ Launches Operator Based Product on its Automated Carrier Platform

New Feature Provides an Innovative Solution to Connect Carriers to BridgeVoice’s Extensive Direct Operators Network

BridgeVoice™, a global ...

BridgeVoice CEO Mr. Bankim Brahmbhatt talks to Data Center POST about Automated Carrier Portal

With Prime Focus on Making our Technology & Services Agile
Automated Carieer Platform was launched at ITW 2016

Chicago, United States, July 26, 201...

BridgeVoice™ Launching “The Smart Convergence of Online Funding-Bidding-Earning” platform for Carriers

Global Leader in Retail & Wholesale VoiP Debuts its
Online Funding, Bidding & Profit Generator Platform at ITW 2016

Kew Gardens, NY – April 19, 2016 ...